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The Omorovicza Team has pooled together their amazing tips for detoxing this January.  We all think about doing it and indeed feel it is obligatory after the over-indulgent December festivities or if like me your Christmas parties start early, it might include November too!

This makes interesting reading particularly Margaret’s tip on eating earlier in the evening, such a sensible approach and one that I have adopted myself.

Source: Tips & Advice / Blog

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Omorovicza Holiday Gift Guide by Margaret de Heinrich

If you are looking for some great ideas for Christmas gifts and you need to start dropping hints now, then read on……

The very best Christmas gift ideas from the whole Omorovicza family starting with our co-founder Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza

Source: Omorovicza Holiday Gift Guide by Margaret de Heinrich

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Mewslade and Fall Bay – Gower Swansea

This is so beautiful and the photography is amazing.

richie hammond blog

Fall bay at sunset

Want to park your car next to an easily accessible beach with lifeguards, ice-cream vans and souvenir shops? don’t go to Fall bay or Mewslade! Want to visit a hauntingly beautiful bay with rare wildlife and outdoor activities? Then this is for you.

Stormy Mewsllad

Getting to either bay is not easy, whether you drive or catch a bus a minimum of a 15 minute walk awaits you. If you drive follow the B4247 towards Rhossili, when you enter Piton take the left hand turning after Pitton Cross caravan Park and drive into the field which is marked up with parking spaces. Pop £3 in the honesty box and walk towards the barns where you turn right at the gate. Follow the path all the way until it brings you into a valley which leads to beautiful Mewslade beach,

Mewslade-Oxwich WH Nov14 012

Fall bay is to your right as you face the sea.

If you’re…

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Moisturisers vs Oils

Understand the differences between oils and moisturisers

Personally I am always fascinated by the debate – oils or moisturisers. So was particularly interested in this blog by Omorovicza Cosmetics. My conclusion is use an oil at night time and a moisturiser during the day but this is just my personal choice. You have to have very dry skin to use an oil during the day, particularly if you are putting foundation over the top.

The Omorovicza new Miracle Facial Oil is an amazing product which I would certainly recommend. I have had the privilege of using this product over the last two months but it launches later this month online and in leading Department Stores – Liberty, Harrods, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Selfridges etc.

We’re always looking for ways to maintain healthier younger looking skin.

Skin cells are held together by an abundance of oils and as we age, the production of these oils decrease. Skin subsequently becomes dull and dehydrated. To maintain a healthy glow, it is essential to give these oils back, by restoring the lipid barrier to help retain the skin’s moisture. We’re often asked which products are better to moisturise your skin – cream or oils? The answer is quite simply both; creams and oils can be incorporated into anyone’s skincare routine. Oils protect the skin’s lipid barrier and ensures moisture doesn’t evaporate from your skin. A common misconception is that applying an oil to acne-prone/greasy skin will clog pores, cause breakouts or leave a greasy film. The truth however is that most natural oils are easily absorbed and noncomedogenic (they don’t clog pores). Creams on the other hand are designed to penetrate the epidermis, leaving skin softer and hydrated. They contain a number of beneficial ingredients which ensures skin is replenished and damaged skin cells are repaired. You can find Omorovicza Moisturisers here and the Miracle Facial Oil here. – See more at:

Source: Moisturisers vs Oils

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Hand Cream On the Hoof!

I literally did buy this Mane ‘n Tail Hand Cream on the hoof. I was rushing through the Beauty Department in Liberty London and I saw this amazing section of ‘must-haves’. One off products that address a specific problem. Dry hands being one of mine.


The bright yellow and navy packaging caught my eye and the sight of a horse on the packaging piqued my interest. Well if it was used on their dry hard hooves then it should work miracles on my hands and nails! Let’s be quite clear that my hands are certainly not like hooves, they are neither cracked nor have calluses. However I wash them a number of times during the day and then I always moisturise with a good hand cream.

So after trying this for a month I can see that yes it is a good hand cream and it is surprisingly light and easily absorbed, which for me is always the key benefit (I can’t stand sticky hands) and the smell is quite pleasant. Would I swap it for my L’Occitane tried-and-tested-firm-favourite Shea Butter Hand Cream? Not on your life! Nor would I replace my newly discovered Phebo Fig Hand Cream, a present from my Brazilian friend.

Definitely worth a try and the price is extremely reasonable, you get a lot for your money.

Available at Liberty RRP £8.00

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Floral Friday – 10 July 2015 | World Vision UK

On 10 July 2015, join us to let hope bloom for children living in fear.

Sign up to take part in Floral Friday and we’ll email you with inspiration for a fabulous Floral Friday. Find your inner flower power – from your floral summer dress, to your scarf, bag or even nail art and fundraise for children who urgently need your help – children like Lee-Ap.

Floral Friday – 10 July 2015 | World Vision UK.

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Naturally Radiant Skin Care…

This is a great blog from my friend blogger Elegant Ageless Beauty. This is a little bit about her:

My blog is mainly going to be aimed at us more “mature” ladies who love make up and skin care, those of us who always like to look good no matter what age we are. I, myself am now in my 54th year! I am a Grandmother to 4 beautiful grandchildren, who call me Cakey Nanny! ( I make cakes!! lol)

Naturally Radiant Skin Care….

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Reflexology: the word on the feet –

Did you know that your feet may hold the key to health? It’s difficult to believe it, but pressing a particular spot on this part of your body can relieve your toothache, stop your back ache or even calm the itch of eczema.

Experts claim that a person’s feet are like the roots of a tree: the state of your feet influences the rest of your body.


Reflexology: the word on the feet –

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Fitness League Festival – Royal Albert Hall

Fitness League

Fitness League Festival – Royal Albert Hall.

Fitness League presents an exercise, movement and dance festival featuring classes, workshops and other activities centred around health and wellbeing throughout the Hall.

There will be masterclasses, the final of ‘Strictly Walking’, and a show in which Fitness League performers will demonstrate their energy, enthusiasm, skill and artistry. Throughout the day there will also be tours of the Royal Albert Hall, talks, workshops, pamper areas and music; plenty to keep everyone entertained!

Fitness League, a well-established nationwide exercise network, is a founder partner of the Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership. Its teachers throughout the UK deliver classes teaching Bagot Stack, designed to improve posture and well-being through central control (core stability) and rhythmic exercise to music, releasing the body’s potential for good health. This event will be a celebration of the 85th anniversary of the Fitness League.

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The Menu | Lose weight with great food delivered | Diet Chef

Finally a post about the dinners, which I must admit have been truly scrumptious! They are varied – Italian, Indian, Vietnamese and Vegetarian, which you can add a mixed salad or vegetables to. They are measured portions and a little over 350 calories each and there was only one I wasn’t keen on and that we the Spaghetti Carbonara. You can choose the meals when you place your order, so you can add more of those you like and none of the ones that you didn’t.

I also persuaded a colleague to join me in the 28 day diet and she also concurs with the Spaghetti Carbonara but loved the curries in particular, Korma was our favourite.

So far the last month, I have eaten well, had a varied diet of different tastes from around the world, saved myself a whole lot of money in the process and lost half a stone to boot! Would I recommend….you bet!

The Menu | Lose weight with great food delivered | Diet Chef.

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