What are the benefits of Facial Extraction and is it for everyone?

I have already mentioned the importance of deep cleansing, either using a deep cleansing mask or exfoliator. There are times however when pores appear larger and more open because they are clogged with excess oil, and eventually could become blackheads. This may be a time when extraction should be considered.

Extraction can be done in different ways, either by using a metal facial tool, specifically for this purpose or using both digit fingers covered in a hygienic ‘gauze-like’ cloth. The latter is the one I favour as it is gentler and the facialist can feel the skin and exactly how much pressure is being used.

What is important however is that it is carried out by someone who knows exactly what they are doing and has been practising this art for a number of years. The face should be prepared for extraction – cleanse, exfoliate and steam to open up the pores. Only then, once the skin is warm and softened, should extraction be attempted.

It is NOT a permanent solution to the problem, just as dyeing your hair is no solution to grey hair. The procedure will need to be repeated regularly, maybe every month or 6 weeks depending on how oily and congested the skin becomes.

There should be no scarring if done properly and your skin will look amazingly clean afterwards.

Try it once and see how you get on, you may become a regular.

If your skin does constantly become congested, you may also want to take a look at your diet. You really are what you eat and what you eat and drink is reflected in your skin.

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