Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes

“Confession time. What runner amongst us has not wrestled with the internal interrogation as to whether we were going to engage in a run on a particular day?

…I admit, there are some days when the in invitation to join the Kingdom of Wimps is pretty darn strong and I have to do all I can to avoid being named Prime Minister in the Land of Pansies…

Everyone has his or her own approach to motivation and I eventually figured out that what works best is what often comes quite naturally for me. Namely, don’t even think. That’s a very simple concept, which I can often accomplish with innate ease. Basically, if I don’t even think of not going then it can’t become an option. My even-handed and empty-headed approach to motivation. No mind, no matter.”

-Bob Schwartz of Running Laughs, I Run, Therefore I Am – Nuts!

(photo courtesy http://www.behappy.me)

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I am a fitness and beauty blogger and love trying out new products and treatments! And I am interested in all things connected to optimum wellbeing and good health, be it nutrition, skincare products or exercise!
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