16 Miles in blizzard conditions!



Well to say today’s Wholefoods Breakfast Race was the most difficult thing I have done in my life, physically, would be no exaggeration! All in the name of the London Marathon, for which I am training!

Weather was against us from the start, an icy -2C would have been bad enough, but snowy blizzard as well, purlease! It was like the scene in The Truman Show, when he is trying to escape in the boat and Ed Harris, the Director, orders more rain, more wind, then hurricane! We had everything thrown at us, worse was the stinging snow, driving sideways into our eyes….ouch!

Anyway, 16 miles in 3 hours and 12 minutes is an acceptable time for a first timer like me at this age (56), so a rest for today and tomorrow then onwards and upwards to 20 miles next weekend!

Loving the Vita Coca drinks and peanut protein balls at the finish….worth doing the run just for that!

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I am a fitness and beauty blogger and love trying out new products and treatments! And I am interested in all things connected to optimum wellbeing and good health, be it nutrition, skincare products or exercise!
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7 Responses to 16 Miles in blizzard conditions!

  1. cyril says:

    Hello Kim Davies I browsed through your posts- nice work, very creative and elegant!
    i need some health tips..talk you soon
    Thanks Cyril

  2. zoeforman says:

    I do hope we have temps at least in double figures for London marathon – pleeeaase 🙂 Well done on sub zero run, seems to be the norm

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