St Bride’s Hotel Saundersfoot Review

After a wonderful two days in Saundersfoot at St Bride’s Spa Hotel, I thought it was time to put my experience in writing.

This Hotel and Spa would score high for me based on the view alone. Yes, it really does have views to die for, hence the gallery of photographs. However it wasn’t just the views that impressed me and my sister. The whole experience, from the hotel decor (warm woods, clean lines) to the food (locally sourced produce – always a point scorer for me), from the very polite ‘French’ service, to the Spa treatments – it was all pretty amazing.

The French connection comes from a ‘hotel and leisure’ school they link up with in France, so they can train and learn English, I guess. They brought charm to the bar and restaurant service, which was pure pleasure.

Our room, which would have been beautiful anyway, overlooked the sea, with a breathtaking view of the beach sweeping the landscape below.

Our treatment room the next day was in the double room with floor to ceiling window, offering a panoramic view of the beach, which added to the treatment experience. The Voya seaweed body wrap, was amazing, see previous blog. We then had two hours before lunch to experience the Thermal Suite and outdoor Thermal Infinity Pool, yet again providing us with that incredible view. And yes, lunch and dinner were both in the Cliff Restaurant with…..that amazing view again!!

Not only would I recommend this Hotel & Spa but I shall be returning in the not-too-distant future. Loved, loved, loved it!

Thank you St Bride’s, there is nothing you could improve!

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