Protect Your Beautiful Skin

This is such a good article….reminds me that we ARE what we eat!


We have all heard You are that which you eat. For our beauty this is very true. If you’re experiencing skin imperfections, pimple, rashes, blemishes and wrinkles, then your causeProtect Your Beautiful Skin has probably a great deal to do with your diet. Eating foods that cause problems will damage your skin thus making you look much older than your years.

To enhance the look, feel and texture of the epidermis you need to be very conscious of the kinds of foods you are eating because as everyone knows there are good foods plus some very bad foods in terms of our skincare.

Green Leafy Veggies for any Healthy Glow
The good news is that foods which will improve your general health will also enhance your healthy appearance. A healthy glow is definitely a very attractive quality. Eating lots of green leafy vegetables is always essential for overall a healthy body. The essential…

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