Nutrition: Fats and Why We Need Them


We should not avoid certain fats but incorporate them in our diet in the correct proportion as they are essential to our wellbeing.

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So here we are talking about the most shunned and hated of the macronutrients. That’s right we are going to talk about fats. Now If you remember from my Macronutrients post, Fats are in fact a macronutrient. This means that the body requires them in relatively large quantities to maintain proper functionality. So what exactly is a fat? Well I suppose that is as good of a place to start as any.

So what is a fat? Well a fat is a nutrient that is a form of a larger group of substances that are insoluble in water, called lipids. An easy example of a lipid is oil in water. No matter how much you stir the mixture, the oil will always separate out of the water. That is because oil is a lipid are insoluble without some kind of acid or soap to break them down.

By now you…

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