Is chocolate causing you to break out?


I noticed that as I am getting older, I am craving sweet things, particularly chocolate as my source of energy and the more I eat the more I seem to break out in spots.

So I started to research if there was any connection or if it was purely coincidental and it seems there is.

Scientists used to dismiss the idea that eating chocolate could cause adult acne, however it is now thought that although chocolate cannot be directly blamed for breakouts, the high sugar/high-fat foods (which chocolate has in spades) can increase the body’s sebum production, which then create inflammatory responses in the body – sometimes in the form of acne. Too much sugar creates glycation of the skin’s cells, leading to inflammation.

So just eat more fresh fruit and vegetables to be sure, as well as plenty of water.

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3 Responses to Is chocolate causing you to break out?

  1. The same is happening to me, and I am in denial it may be the chocolate I so dearly love… 🙂

    • It could be…try eating one that is a high chocolate content but less sugar, milk and fat, like Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate. Or just try giving it a rest for a few days to see what effect it has on your skin 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on thefabcompany and commented:

    Too much chocolate not so good…everything in moderation!

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