Omorovicza Facial


I had not had an Omorovicza facial in 3 years, so it was well overdue. I know I work for the Company, however……time, too busy……

My appointment was with Dominika, at Liberty Department Store in the beautiful Queen Mary Room.

Once I had settled on the water bed, I felt as though I were floating on a lake.   This being the intention of course as all of their skincare products contain thermal healing waters found naturally occurring in Hungary. Other products like the mask or cleansing balm, also contain active mud from a large thermal lake – Lake Heviz.

Dominika then set about doing what she is clearly an expert at, The Facial!  It is the movements as well as the products that make this facial truly amazing. Specially trained in Hungary, all of the Omorovicza therapists are taught these movements which are quite vigorous and serve as a wake-up call to facial muscles that rarely get used!

My whole face felt like it had ‘been to the gym’ and the results were quite remarkable. I could see an instant ‘lifting’ effect and my skin was glowing for a few days.

Due to the deep cleanse, I did have the usual break outs the next day but that’s just normal for me.

I must make time to have them more regularly, as a good facial does help delay the anti-ageing process.  My skin looked revitalised, healthy and oxygenated.

Thank you Dominika……..thank you Omorovicza!

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3 Responses to Omorovicza Facial

  1. This sounds like an amazing product, especially seeing as they are teaching the benefit of working the facial muscles! Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on thefabcompany and commented:

    Omorovicza have a facial event at Liberty this week! Call 020 7573 9402 to make an appointment!

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