Break-it-down: Glycolic Acid (nerd alert!)

Glycolic Peels are powerful but really give excellent results. It’s good to understand how they work. šŸ™‚

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Glycolic Acid. Many people talk about it and lots want to use it, but itā€™s very important to know exactly what these ingredients do, where they come from, and how they will effect your skin immediately, and more importantly, over time.

Glycolic AcidĀ is a natural ingredient that is extracted from sugar cane (but is also made synthetically). Itā€™s classed as anĀ alpha-hydroxy-acidĀ orĀ AHA.


Glycolic acid has a great ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, which is why it is so popular in cosmetics. It aids in theĀ keratinisationĀ process, which basically means that it helps to maintain the renewal of living healthy skin cells that come up from the dermis and eventually make their way to the surface of your skin and die off. The benefit of this, is that it helps to keep plump, fresh skin cells constantly cycling through. Theseā€¦

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