I realised lately that I am living life like I’m running out of time. In a way we all are, as the inevitable will happen to all of us. What is more evident however, as you get older, that time limit gets shorter.

It made me take stock and think, are we enjoying each experience that life gives us or are we living it at such speed that we don’t appreciate it. My conclusion; it’s a bit of both.


Here are some tips to help us do this:

1. Learn to say no and do less. Choose your tasks carefully and only do what you can and enjoy.

2. Switch off your mobiles, blackberry etc. this maybe the hardest, so just start with a couple of hours a day or put it on silent.

3. Be in the moment…listen to what people are saying, take in your surroundings, listen to the birds singing, blue sky, green grass and stop thinking about what you need to be doing. Find pleasure in the nature around us and the people we meet.

4. Drive or walk at a slower pace, this will take some effort but will be worth it.

5. Finally, breathe! When you are rushing around, feeling stressed, take a moment to breathe deeply. Fill your lungs and enjoy the fresh air. It will calm you down ready for the task at hand.

Hope tis helps you to take the time to enjoy the weekend!

About thefabcompany

I am a fitness and beauty blogger and love trying out new products and treatments! And I am interested in all things connected to optimum wellbeing and good health, be it nutrition, skincare products or exercise!
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