Raw Honey

This a fantastic article on honey and its benefits on skin.

Amateur Beauty

I want to start off by saying that this is my absolute skincare Holy Grail, but in case you are one of those people who skim a review or don’t read to the end, I want to put this first:

PLEASE be careful when you first apply honey.

A lot of people are allergic to honey when applied topically even if they aren’t allergic to eating it. Please do a patch test first as you can experience itching, burning and redness that takes a long time to fade. If this does happen to you, lemon juice is great at countering it, but prevention is better than a cure. Patch test, patch test, patch test.

Now that is out of the way…

Oh. My. God.

Raw honey is the best thing I’ve ever put on my skin. Literally. I have been doing it for two weeks now, and there’s less redness…

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