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This article was taken from the Omorovicza Blog

When you live a busy, stressful life full of meeting everyone else’s needs but your own, it is easy to get into a rut and feel more drab than fab. However, here are five easy tips that will make you feel instantly more glamorous!

1. Pay attention to details In a glamorous daily lifestyle, detail is key. Pay attention to the places where you spend most time – are you waking up in your own little blissful palace? Making sure there are plenty of small personal touches added in throughout your day can make it a pleasure to live. Rose petal flavoured teabags? Beautiful, fragrance candles, a small bottle of your favourite perfume in your purse or fresh flowers on your desk. Anything that gives you a small boost inside should find its place in your daily routine.

2. Dare to Wear Red Lipstick Although nude and pink lips are trendy this season, no colour screams confidence like a vibrant red hue. The trick is finding the right red for your skin tone-blue-reds look best on darker complexions, while pure reds work better on fairer skin. Our favourites are Chanel Rouge Allure, MAC Ruby Woo and Tom Ford Cherry Lush.

3. Create your own ‘hit the town’ skincare routine Don’t know how? Our co-founder Margaret De Heinrich gives you a hint – “If I am going to hit the town, I use the Instant Plumping Cream along with our BB Cream. They both give me that juicy, natural glow which looks so lovely. I can’t go without our Gold Shimmer Oil as smells out of this world and makes skin ‘glisten’ rather than sparkle”.

4. Dazzling Accessories It’s amazing how different the same outfit can look (and you can feel) when it’s finished with a little bling or costume jewellery! Whether you’re wearing workday attire or casual weekender clothes, a multi-chain necklace, bangle bracelets or oversized earrings add alluring sparkle and femininity.

5. Throw on Heels Many women claim that heels help them stand taller and give them better posture – and there’s nothing more glamorous than a poised, statuesque, and altogether confident-looking woman

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