Paint the Town Red with Rouge Louboutin

I love these Louboutin nails!!

Miss May





louboutin-rouge-nail-varnish-polish-review-on-the-blogIt has been one heck of a week so far and it’s not even Friday yet! I have been planning my rest of the week and things are looking pretty exciting for me. First up, I have not done a nail post in a long while which use to be my thing here. I have always wanted to try the Rouge Louboutin nail polish since its debut; however i couldn’t justify spending £36 for the bottle. HOWEVER, maybe I can: you are buying a Louboutin afterall, it stands out against any and all of the nail polishes I have, it looks pretty and it matches with my Louboutin No Prive sling backs! I guess there is no harm to own 1 but not for me; this bottle belongs to a friend of mine who is a massive Louboutin lover. She lent this to me to try it out and here I have, it’s…

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2 Responses to Paint the Town Red with Rouge Louboutin

  1. LFFL says:

    What a pretty bright color.

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